Route 66 bit

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  • The Equisential Collection by Professional's Choice 
  • The Route 66 bit is available in 5 different mouthpieces: smooth snaffle, chain, dogbone, slow twist, twisted wire
  • Smooth snaffle: all purpose mouthpiece with moderate tongue and bar pressure
  • Chain: conforms to the horses mouth applying mild tongue and bar pressure
  • Dogbone: softer on the bars and good for lateral collection
  • Slow twist: used for softening a finished horse without excess pressure of contact
  • Twisted wire: similar to snaffle mouth with sharper bar pressure for added control
  • This is a unique bit that offers direct contact similar to a ring snaffle, shoulder elevation of a gag bit, and the collection from the curb strap
  • This bit should be fitted one wrinkle in the horses mouth and loose curb strap (3 finger gap suggested)
  • This is a good training and transition bit
  • Mouth 5 1/24" Cheek 4 1/4"
  • Imported

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